Carol is a six-year-old girl, she loves singing in the children’s choir and playing with her fellow kids. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite dish is fish and rice.

Carol lives in a family of five with her mother, her three siblings, and her being the last born. Carol’s father left them when she was just one month old, and since then no one has ever heard anything from him, and because of this life has been difficult. They tried searching for him but all in vain.

Carol’s mother is a casual laborer selling tomatoes on the streets which makes it hard for her to feed her four children, pay their school fees and pay house rent too. Carol has been out of school for a long time.

Carol’s mother says that among her children, Carol wants to be around people and give a helping hand when needed, she also says that she prays to God to see her daughter succeed because what she sees in her daughter is a person who is of great importance to the world.

Carol wants to be a nurse when she grows up.