Jessica Jenevive Nanyunja- SPONSORED

Jessica Jenevive Nanyunja- 9 years old

Jessica Jeneviveis is a nine-year-old girl and she is the third last born among her four siblings. She lives in Bataka Village a suburb in Wakiso district. She loves singing and her best dish is Rice with beef.

Jessica’s school attendance is so unstable because she is always chased from school for tuition fees.  Her parents separated three years back and the children currently stay with their dad who is a thief and a drug addict. Her dad is unemployed and most of the time she doesn’t go to school because her father can’t afford to pay her school fees.

Sometimes they go without food and they lack decent clothing. Jessica and her siblings are at risk of being abused by their dad because he’s always drunk and never responsible. He’s always changing girlfriends which is not a good example to the children.

 Her dream is to become a nurse.