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M.G.E.C. is founded to help girls achieve education through primary school. Primary School ages 6-12 will attend school without worry of tuition or scholastic materials.  We have partnered with  Primary Schools that will allow our girls to attend until the Mukisa Empowerment Centre is move-in ready. Young girls in parts of Uganda are living in extreme poverty and face purchase as child brides, sex slaves, human trafficking, abandonment, parents that have died from HIV/AIDS and those that clean houses for scraps as young as 5. We want to rescue girls from these situations and offer them an education and chance at a better future. When you become a Mukisa Parent you will speak to your daughter at least once a month. We intend for the relationship to grow as she continues on with her schooling.


The M.G.E.C will teach mothers, grandmothers, aunts, caretakers a trade that will help them obtain a sustainable living. We understand that taking girls from the home for school will leave caretakers destitute. Many of the girls carry the heavy burden of trying to find food and doing things to earn money. Many of these women have not been able to continue their own education due to lack of support and heinous circumstances thus repeating the cycle generation after generation. They need help to end the cycle allowing them to earn a living and not depend on the young girls to find work. We will use the centre to empower, train, and offer continuing education classes. 

Mukisa Parents 

Mukisa Parents are the donors that sponsor a girls school fees and scholastic needs. We invite all Mukisa Parents to take a trip in the future to visit the M.G.E.C and spend time with your sponsor daughter. We believe in complete transparency and feel the girls will excel further knowing who their sponsor is. Sponsors will be able to communicate with their sponsor daughter face to face via Whatsapp free International calling service.

Mission Volunteers

Please contact us if you have a heart for missions and would like to volunteer on one of the following teams. The agriculture team, tailoring team,  chef team, teachers club, carpenter team,  jewelry team, cosmetology team. We would like to teach skills and trades that will allow the women to gain their independence and become self-sufficient earning wages to provide for their family.